McDowell Home Manager (2 openings: one full time and one part time)

Full Time

Available Position(s)

McDowell Group Home - Home Manager (2 openings)
One full time
One part time

Job Description

1. Provides direct client care to the residents of the home.
a) Interacts with clients in accordance with treatment plan/program.
b) Supervises taking of their medication.
c) Responds to emergency situations in accordance with residential care home
policies and procedures.
d) Maintains accountability for whereabouts of clients at all times.
e) Monitor health status of residents and report signs/symptoms of illness to
supervisor as indicated.
f) Provides emotional support and advises supervisor of the need for professional
g) Appropriately handles disruptive and aggressive behavior in accordance with
program procedure and expectations.

2. Monitors, supervises, and trains residents in daily/independent living skills.
a) Assists (trains) residents in performing daily living skills, (i.e. grooming, laundry,
dressing, household tasks, personal shopping etc.)
b) Assists residents in the management of their finances on an as needed basis.
c) Provides appropriate reinforcements in accordance with client’s progress in
performing community living skills (i.e. pedestrian skills, first aid, and accessing
community resources).
d) Plans and develops meal/snack menus, as required.
e) Purchases groceries/supplies consistent with list, and within budget constraints.
f) Cooks meals or assists clients in the preparation of meals in accordance with
established menus.

3. Completes required administrative duties and client related paperwork.
a) Ensures that the cleanliness/maintenance of homes and grounds are consistent with
DMH and HUD Health Department Standards.
b) Conduct fire and severe weather drills in accordance with State and local fire
and safety regulations.
c) Ensures that receipts and other documentation of home/client expenditures are
properly recorded and submitted to home secretary.
d) Records accurately medications dispensed and changes in prescriptions in
accordance with program procedures.
e) Submits Basic Living Skills documentation and residential reports as required.
f) All reports, records and forms are completed in an accurate, neat and timely
manner according to program standards and Personnel Policies.

4. Transports clients in accordance with schedule.
a) Drives van to transport clients as per scheduled and unscheduled activities.
b) Ensures that all client safety and conduct procedures are adhered to.
c) Drives van in accordance with all state and local traffic laws and regulations.
d) Responsible for assisting in the maintenance and general operating condition of
the vehicle in accordance with Cahaba policy checklist.

5. Performs other related duties as necessary or required.
a) Attends and actively participates in meetings.
b) Utilizes supervision/consultation as indicated.
c) Attends work in a timely manner.


Requires a high school diploma, Valid AL driver's license, and must be able to be MAC certified (this training is provided by the Cahaba Center).

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