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Maintenance Team Member

Job Description

1. Attends work on a regular and timely basis.

2. Purchases and distributes bulk supply items
a) Prepares bulk supply orders based on program needs.
b) Purchases and picks up bulk supply items.
c) Distributes bulk supply items.

3. Ensures that the Annex, Debray Building, and Reynolds building are clean and maintained.
a) Monitors work crew as needed.
b) Cleans interior and exterior of buildings.
c) Wears appropriate safety gear for each task as needed.
d) Heavy lifting, pushing, or pulling of objects up to fifty pounds is required. Physical work is a primary part of the job.
e) The typical duties of a Maintenance Team Member include cleaning restrooms, cleaning apartments, cleaning and changing filters, dusting, sweeping, mopping, buffing, waxing floors, cleaning windows, changing light bulbs, emptying trash cans, moving clients in and out of apartments, putting together furniture, painting, and classrooms repairs
f) Restock toilet paper, paper towels, and soap in restrooms.
g) The Maintenance Team Member operates mowers, edgers, blowers, trimmers, and weeds the grounds on a regular basis. In addition, picks up trash and litter on the sidewalks and parking lots.
h) Must be able to perform basic maintenance and plumbing repairs.
i) In case of an alarm, a Maintenance Team Member will act as a backup.
j) Must have computer skills.
k) Able to drive vehicles out of town and assist with vehicle inspections.

4. Assists with other cleaning and maintenance projects at other Cahaba Center locations as assigned.

5. Performed other duties as assigned.


Requires a High School Diploma and valid Alabama driver’s license. Must be able to lift up to 50lbs, have computer skills, and perform basic building and vehicle maintenance.

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