Juvenile Court Liaison / Therapist

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Juvenile Court Liaison / Therapist

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1. Provides direct services to an assigned caseload of youth with a mental illness, mental retardation and/or substance abuse problem.
a) Conducts individual, group and family therapy sessions in accordance with professional standards.
b) Renders an accurate diagnostic impression based on available information and according to DMH Standards.
c) Identifies and responds appropriately and in a timely manner to client needs and requests.
d) Conducts home visits as needed.

2. Maintains client files and related paperwork of acceptable quality in a timely manner.
a) Completes progress notes as required.
b) Completes treatment plans as required.
c) Completes general correspondence and other file entries as needed.
d) Serves as needed to counsel walk-ins, initial contact information and assist with screening as needed.

3. Serves as a direct liaison with the Juvenile Justice System of the counties served by Cahaba
a) Active involvement with children presented to the Juvenile Justice System.
b) Provides assessments and/or interventions as needed/requested by the Juvenile Court.
c) Works with other involved parties to facilitate evaluation and assessment, plan development, provision of supports and services, to facilitate appropriate placements
as needed and ensure follow-up and overall coordination of services.
d) Coordinate activities with the County Children’s Services Facilitation Teams as needed.

4. Maintains and improves professional skills.
a) Attends and actively participates in In-service training and professional workshops.
b) Work toward obtaining appropriate license as required.
c) Actively participates on quality assurance and completes recommendations for follow through in the specified time period.
d) Utilizes supervision/consultation as needed.

5. Performs other related duties as necessary.


Requires a Master's Degree in Social Work or Counseling and a valid Alabama Driver's License

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