Home Manager, McDonald DD Group Home

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Home Manager, McDonald DD Group Home Selma, AL

Job Description

1. Initial, Annual and As Indicated Training
a) Prior to assuming assigned potions, all Home Managers will receive and pass all training as required by governing standards.
b) Home managers will attend annual training on all topics as directed by all Governing Standards or Agency Policy.

2. Direct Care
a) Engages in activities to provide Basic Living Skills.
b) Responds to emergency situations in accordance with Policies and Procedures and in accordance with any individual needs identified for persons served.
c) Appropriately handles disruptive and aggressive behavior in accordance within scope of training.
d) Transports people in accordance with state and federal laws and in compliance to Governing Standards and Agency Policy.
e) Maintain the safety and cleanliness of the facility in compliance to Governing Standards and Agency Policy
f) Maintain Safety of the individuals served in compliance to Governing Standards and Agency Policy.
g) Assist the individuals served in personal hygiene at the individual’s request and in compliance with the individual’s Treatment Plan.

3. Monitoring Medical Needs
a) All Home Managers must complete and pass all levels of Nurse Delegation before performing any administration of medication rather prescription or nonprescription.
b) Will only perform any medical task with in scope of training and after delegation complete by a licensed MAS Nurse and under direction of a licensed MAS Nurse.

4. Documentation
a) Completes required administrative duties and paper work as directed by supervisor in accordance with Governing Standards and Agency Policy
b) All reports, records and forms are completed in an accurate, neat and timely
manner according to governing standards and Agency Policies.

5. Professionalism
a) Attend work on a regular and timely basis
b) Dresses in accordance with job duties
c) Attends and actively participates in meetings.


Requires a high school diploma and a valid AL driver's license.
Must be able to be MAC certified (training provided by the Center).

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