Early Intervention Special Instructor

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Early Intervention Special Instructor

Job Description

1. Provide supervised Direct Services to Children and Parents.
a) Implement treatment plans to meet the needs of each client, incorporating consultants
recommendations when applicable in both center and home settings.
b) Provide individual instruction in specified areas in accordance with treatment plans.
c) Provide parent training and conduct conferences to address specific questions concerning
d) Maintain accountability for whereabouts of program participates at all times.
e) Plans and designs training programs/lesson plans for daily training in accordance with IFSP
f) Consistently and accurately gather data and complete ongoing assessments of individual
client needs.

2. Actively serves as a member of the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) Team.
a) Reviews intake materials, medical histories, psychological histories and other case
summaries on each individual client.
b) Participates in Individualized Family Service Plan meetings by providing input into client
goals and objectives.
c) Conduct vision and hearing screenings and provide recommendations as appropriate.
d) Develop daily goal sheets from IFSP goals.
e) Monitors consumer progress toward completion of IFSP goals on a monthly basis.

3. Assists in coordination of day to day operations of Early Intervention program.
a) Reliably assess programmatic needs.
b) Assists in development and maintenance of program schedule.
c) Collaborate with staff from other agencies to meet the needs of children served.
d) Request needed program materials and supplies.

4. Responsible for the completion and/or maintenance of required reports.
a) All progress reports are completed and submitted on a timely basis.
according to program standards and Personnel Policies.
b) Maintain accurate records of client/staff attendance.
c) Ensures that all pertinent data is included in client records and meets required standards set
by the Department of Mental Health and PL 99-457.

5. Performs other related duties as necessary or assigned.
a) Attends and actively participates in meetings.
b) Utilizes supervision/consultation as indicated.
c) Transports clients in accordance with Cahaba Center policy and abides by all traffic laws.


Requires a bachelor's degree in a Human Services related field and a valid AL driver's license.

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