Child and Adolescent In-Home Co-Therapist

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Child and Adolescent In-Home Co-Therapist (team member)

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The In-Home Co-Therapist, along with a team member, provides structured strength-based therapy. Services may include therapeutic and rehabilitative interventions with the recipient and family. Services are delivered in the family's home or other community setting and promote a family-based focus in order to evaluate the nature of the difficulties, defuse behavioral health crises, intervene to reduce the likelihood of a recurrence, ensure linkage to needed community services and resources, improve the individual child's / adolescent's ability to self-recognize and self-manage behavioral health issues, and improve the parents' or responsible caregivers' skills to care for the mental health condition of the recipient.

The team's priorities shall include intervening in a crisis situation, facilitating the reunification of a recipient back into his/her family upon return from a treatment placement, empowering families to identify, locate, and utilize mental health and related community resources, coordinating with providers, coaching in support of decision-making in both crisis and non-crisis situations, skill development for the recipient and parent/caregiver(s), and monitoring progress on attainment of treatment plan goals and objectives.


Bachelor's Degree in a Human Services related field and an AL Driver's License

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