Adult Outpatient Case Manager

Full Time

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Adult Outpatient Case Manager

Job Description

1. Assess needs for Case Management Services.
a) Determine appropriateness of case management referrals to insure that SMI criteria
and needs can be met.
b) Consult with referral source as needed.
c) Inactive/close cases when case management services are no longer needed.
2. Provide direct services to assigned caseload.
a) Conduct face-to-face interviews with clients.
b) Identify appropriate community service needs of those persons in need of case mgt.
and determine appropriate community resources to meet those needs.
c) Advocate in behalf of the clients with regard to social, economic and residential
d) Assisting the client through crisis situations and/or arranging for the provisions of such
assistance by other professionals/persons.
e) Attend case management meetings as scheduled.
3. Maintain client’s electronic files in a timely manner.
a) Develop service plans for each client and evaluate and revise plan as needed.
b) Complete progress notes and billing as required.
c) Completes client release of information forms.
4. Provide transportation to clients.
a) Transport clients.
b) Ensure that all community resources, such as family, friends or public transportation are
c) Maintain a valid Alabama Driver’s License.
5. Performs all administration duties as required.
a) Attends and actively participates in In-Service and Quality Review as required.
b) Utilizes supervision/consultation as indicated.
c) Attend staff meetings as required.
d) Attend case management meetings as scheduled.


Requires a Bachelor's Degree and a valid AL driver's license.

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